Welcome to the TO-BE 2014 Fall meeting

Towards Oxide-Based Electronics:
science, sample growth and applications of transition metal oxides.

Rome, Sept. 22-23, 2014


Technical information on poster size and for oral presentations. Please read


The TO-BE 2014 Fall meeting is organized in the framework of the MP1308 COST Action TO-BE “Towards Oxide-Based Electronics”. The TO-BE Cost Action is coordinated by CNR-SPIN. The workshop aims at joining together scientists working in the three S&T Work Groups of the COST Action, respectively named: “Fundamental Understanding”, “Growth Control” and “Towards Applications”.

The program includes:

  • one scientific session for each of the S&T Work Groups, where Invited Speakers will give overview talks.
  • a joint poster session for all S&T Work Groups
  • organizational group meetings for each of the three above cited S&T Work Groups
  • on organizational group meeting for the Management Work Group of the Action
  • a Management Committee meeting

Date and location where chosen such to exploit the sinergy with the Superfox Conference starting next day in the same conference room.

Participation to the meeting is free of charge for all participants of the TO-BE Action.
Participation to the TO-BE Action is open to scientists, both from the public research sector and from the private sector, active in the science and technology of transition metal oxides. Support for travel and subsistence will be offered to a limited numbers of participants.

Further information about the TO-BE Action can be found here.
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